With the largest market share in the e-commerce industry of America, Amazon is a competitive marketplace. As such, with more than 8.3 million sellers, it can be difficult to thrive as a business because the competition seems to be ever-growing.

While advertising is one of the key ways to stay one step ahead of your competitors, understanding the Amazon algorithm can also be of great help. Let’s take a brief look at the Amazon A10 algorithm and how you can use it to make your listings rank higher on Amazon.


The A10 algorithm: The salient features

Here are a few features that will help you understand what the new A10 algorithm is all about.

Amazon PPC

According to the new algorithm, PPC sales may create the initial spike in your sales, but they aren’t the sole driving force that will influence the visibility of your product on Amazon. However, PPC is crucial as a long-term strategy.

Click-through rate

This is the ratio of the customer clicking on your product to the total number of impressions generated. Compelling product photography is essential for increasing this ratio.

Sales History

The rank of your product is determined by the totality of your sales history. Products with consistent sales history will be ranked higher.

Seller authority

Feedback ratings, how long you’ve been on Amazon, and how well you handle product returns all contribute to your seller metric information on Amazon, as well as your ranking.

Organic sales

If a user searches for your product and they purchase it from the search page results, it will be considered an organic sale. It will then contribute to your overall ranking.



How to rank higher?

Now that you know which factors affect your ranking in Amazon according to the A10 algorithm, here’s how you can use those factors to your benefit to rank higher.

· Optimize your product listing for your target audience. This can be done with the help of appealing images and highlighting the features of your product in detail.

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